Friday, February 22, 2008

Rachel Weisz something special

actress rachel weisz in mummy movie, her black dress in this movie is very exciting and provokingRachel weisz acted in mummy and the three sequences of that movie, and she became very popular and famous with her role.. What is speciality in that role and in the movie plot or entire thing is in her beauties? let us see.
This mummy was released in 1999. Entire episode is about giving life to the mummy and the havoc he created in that egypt, Evelyn (our lovely rachel weisz) and her brother Johnathan start on this mission. None can face him, but our lovely girl rachel weisz(Pharaoh Seti's Mistress). you know why.. she is beautiful.. the powerful, mummy is also spell bound by her beauty and wants to kiss her, hug and live with her.. In one scene, he enters her bedroom and kisses her.. another last scene he ties her to a bed and performs some type of rituals. But in the entire movie, the attraction seduction theme between the librarian girl and the powerful mummy was very tacit and we have to read between the lines. The linking story that this girl is his love in previous birth is an excuse which would used in dracula story too.. the reality is the beast wants the beauty desparately.. what exhibition or speciality in the girl is so amusing and seducting..?
rachel is reclining on a bed, look at heavy weights, normally she hides in her dress, they are apparent now.



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