Friday, February 22, 2008

selma hayak figure

Salma hayek lovely lips have to be preserved for the authorised person now as well as to protect the health of the baby in her womb. So, she quit smoking recently.. AS it is she was against smoking and smokers. But some how she got that habbit of smoking while shooting for frida..(because she lived in that role at that time).Salma hayek got three important traits from frida shooting, because she lived in that role at that time, and one way,she became frida for some time. she adapted smoking, paintaining and lesbi from frida role. smoking she is quitting.. lesbinism .. we have to ask penelope cruz .. painting continues forever..
look how she commented on smoking..
"I used to have a terrible judgement of smokers," confessed hypocritical Hayek.
"I was like: 'Why do they do this? It tastes bad, it's going to kill them, and it doesn't even get them high. It's the worst vice you could possibly pick.' Then I got hooked during Frida. I've tried to quit before. But this time I'm done with it. I've changed. I know I can do it."

Better start a crusade advising to quit smoking and tobacco, now that she has lots of money moaning in chest

salma hayek is an attractive actress with many talents. here we provide all possible pictures from her



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